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We know that not all companies have been born equal.

You need a marketing solution made to fit like a glove.

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We talk with the marketing and sales teams. We review your business model and go-to-market strategy. 

We ask a lot of questions. Like, a lot.

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We build relationships with our clients. We don't work for them but rather with them.

Only by working together, we will be able to achieve the maximum possible results.

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Our services include:


We create advertising materials for our clients' campaigns, optimized to deliver the defined results, based on our multi-channel and multiple years of experience.


Planning, execution & optimization. We build and execute digital advertising media plans.

Marketing & Reporting Automation

We "connect the dots" for our clients; media platforms, web analytics, CRMs, and BI solutions, thus giving our clients always-on control and a single source of truth.

Tracking & Attribution

We analyze and implement web tracking solutions that deliver the highest marketing and performance viewability while being legally compliant.

Our Clients Say

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"We worked with IndieAd on various brand awareness and performance projects. They generate added value with their outstanding service and their knowledge sharing. It's like having the best in-house team, which is why they became our go-to digital marketing partner."

Veronika Abt - Online Marketing Manager Bosch

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