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Tracking, Attribution

& reporting

The infrastructure of digital marketing is based on tracking and attribution.

If the ultimate purpose of marketing and advertising is to enable business growth, it needs to be measured; both the business growth and the practices that lead to it.

Half my advertising spend is wasted; the trouble is,
I don’t know which half.

-John Wanamaker

We work with our clients

and set new or fix their existing tracking and attribution infrastructure.


The result is owned 100% by the client and is relevant for all their digital activities, regardless of whether they use our paid advertising services.

KPIs & Reporting

Regardless if for performance or awareness campaigns, there’s a significant difference between KPIs and vanity metrics.


Is 'Clicks' a metric we measure? Sure. Is it a KPI? Absolutely not. Clicks don't have an impact on businesses.

Qualified leads or purchases do have!


In our work with clients, we define together their business KPIs, confirm they are measurable and choose the metrics that will represent them.


Leads, Qualified Leads, Clients


Purchase, Revenue


Tracking process

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There are 3 primary building blocks for enabling Tracking and Attribution:


Server ("Source of truth")


Web/App Analytics


The media Channels

Based on them, here are the core actions and recommendations for new clients, regardless of B2B or B2C, regardless of Lead Generation or


Pink Arrows.png

Identify and understand the "source of truth" structure.

Implement a privacy-by-design cookieless web-tracking system.

Create or update the tracking mapping system—usually, UTM parameters.

Review & Confirm the data flow to the server.

Apply chances to media channels (if already active).

Create and set up a marketing data hub that'll allow us to connect all the dots.

Build an Always-On Reporting Dashboard on Looker (Google Data Studio)

  • Is a media plan always complicated?
    No. Sometimes we conclude to use only 1-2 channels. Using too many channels creates budget inefficiency.
  • Do you have to create a media plan?
    No. We can start with individual channels, and that's not necessarily bad. It depends on our client's level of expertise and his existing setup. We're designing the best starting point for the media plan, not a static excel sheet. It will look different 2 months into the execution.
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