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AdTrader 2023 Recap - The fight against Ad Fraud and a way to Sustainability in Online Marketing

Another year, another great AdTrader conference.

This years' conference was all about Sustainability, innovation-driven women in Programmatic Advertising, and - most of all - new approaches to prevent ad fraud.

It is really inspiring to see how the Programmatic Industry is in constant change and focusing on offering the best quality and how advertisers, publishers, and tech companies are teaming up to win the battle against ad fraud.

Our personal highlight this year:

➡️ The partnership between fraud0 and Fou Analytics

We were thrilled to hear about Fou Analytics' development in the European Market, its new dashboard, and the consideration of different publisher certifications.

Furthermore, we learned about

  • new Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) products for B2B marketing --> DOOH in office spaces

  • the monetization of Retail Media Data - no Open Inventory and limited inventory for Advertisers

Another important topic that also got tackled at AdTrader is sustainability within Online Marketing. The transfer of big amounts of data means high CO2 emissions. Through the presentation from Nexx360, we learned that with their server-side bidding platform for publishers, CO2 emissions could be reduced, which is a big step toward sustainability in Online Marketing.

We are already looking forward to next years' AdTrader conference.


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