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IndieAd x Funnel - Partnership Announcement

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

It's not easy to be a digital marketer these days. We know it, and we feel you!

A glance at any of the Luma landscapes will show that the amount of advertising- and marketing technology companies have skyrocketed, which means that marketing has gotten dramatically more complicated in the last few years.

People's attention is scattered across numerous devices and platforms, which is a challenge to marketers, as the number of channels used in digital advertising has increased accordingly.

We went from search, display, and video on google to:

  • Multiple search platforms: google search, bing search, apple search, etc.

  • Multiple social media platforms: Meta (Facebook, Instagram), LinkedIn, TikTok, Snap, etc.

  • Multiple display and video platforms: DV360, Amazon DSP, Xandr, Adform, The Trade-Desk, etc.

And many more.

Advertising actively in all these channels is not only merely impossible for the average company but will also rarely make financial sense. On the flip side, limiting or committing yourself to one platform alone will create two challenges: Dependency (the "putting all your eggs in one basket" problem) and limited reach.

Considering that the average marketer uses 3-5 paid media channels, one analytics software (web/app), and a CRM (or any other kind of user/client database), how is s/he supposed to connect, organize (and normalize), store and share the marketing data? There's a limit to the efficiency of interns and excel sheets, am I right? ;)

Surprisingly, our clients are facing similar challenges. What a shocker! We asked ourselves how to make their paid-media data accurate and accessible 24/7.

  • For our clients, so they could control and review their progress.

  • To our media operations team so they could control and optimize the campaigns faster and better.

We tried many solutions, and we failed with all of them. There was always a piece missing: the numbers weren't correct, we couldn't customize for our needs, the system wasn't stable, the dashboard was ugly, and no matter what, we always needed more manual work.

One day into the test with funnel, we knew we had found our long-sought partner.

It allowed us to collect data from all the digital advertising platforms we managed for our clients, their web analytics, and their CRM. It allowed us to create an end-to-end report, from media spent to conversions (leads, sales) and back, thus enabling the client and us to make faster and better decisions, increasing our campaigns' results. Following our achievements with Funnel, we're happy to announce that as of 01.09.2022, we joined their program as a "solution partner" in order to support more marketers to become data-driven and independent.


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