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Digital Advertising Specialist
(Performance Marketing / Programmatic Advertising)

Full Time

We're looking for a new member to join the team and help accelerate our client's growth.

First, you'll learn. We'll teach you everything you (still) need to know about our clients, their needs, the media industry, and online marketing. Once you're ready, you'll own tasks, and responsibilities split into 3 main pillars:

  • Research: Support the team in finding the best solution for the clients.

  • Execution: Manage & optimize media campaigns.

  • Reporting: Collect & present the performance data of your campaigns.

What will your day look like? That depends on you, your clients, and your team members. In the beginning, you'll spend more time with your colleagues during the intensive onboarding period. Later, it'll get a lot more flexible.

Candidates with the highest chances of being accepted will have to match all of the following conditions: At least 2 years of experience running performance campaigns (search, display, shopping, native) and/or programmatic campaigns (DV360, adform, Xandr, The Trade Desk, Amazon DSP) Be fluent in German and English (Verbal, written) Must be good at solving problems and helping others solve theirs. Have confidence and belief that there's always a better way of doing things If you believe you'd make a good candidate, we'd like to hear from you and understand why.

Please submit a 3-5 min introduction video to the following email:

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