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IndieAd x Fusedeck - Partnership Announcement

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

In the last few years, privacy legislation such as GDPR and ePrivacy has forced marketing managers to adapt how they practice online marketing.

Since the legislation focused on protecting the tracking, storage, and processing of personal data (PII), the largest impact was the practices that involved the collection of online identifiers: web tracking, retargeting, etc.

The first step was using consent management platforms (CMP), such as Usercentrics, to get active consent from users, thus allowing them to activate the tracking scripts, most common being the Facebook pixel, LinkedIn Insight Tag, and google analytics (inc. universal-analytics and global site tag) which in 2022 still holds a 70% share of the web analytics marketing.

Amid the differences between the American and European privacy legislation, this year, data protection authorities in several European countries - Austria, France, Italy, and Denmark - ruled to halt using Google Analytics (GA) for data transfers to the United States without further safeguards.

Yes, consent or not, Google Analytics is now illegal in those countries, and we firmly believe that further European countries will follow them sooner or later. It is a call for action.

It meant it was time to find natively privacy-focused analytics solutions. A tool that is built with user privacy in place but that will still inspire and empower marketers to understand, analyze and improve their online marketing practices.

Finding such a tool for our clients and us became one of our main tasks. We explored a couple of solutions, but the one that impressed us the most was fusedeck. Their team and vision convinced us to start the test, and the technology and the product convinced us that the tool would best fulfill our client's needs.

fusedeck is a data protection-compliant alternative to conventional, cookie-based web analysis tools. Because fusedeck can also operate in a cookieless mode without the user’s consent, it counteracts the loss of tracking and analysis data.

Key features of fusedeck:

  • Cookieless (non-consent) and cookie mode (consent)

  • More accurate measurement methodology

  • Automatic data registration of traffic

  • User Reporting Interface

  • Data Control & Data Ownership

Following our successful testing with fusedeck, we're happy to announce that as of 01.09.2022, we joined their partner program to empower data-driven marketers while keeping them compliant with current and future privacy legislation.


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