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to develop new media solutions for your clients.

We partner with you

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Your Agency + IndieAd = More Revenue, Faster Growth.

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If you are an agency owner or work for an agency, you've come to the right place.

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Many agencies struggle with introducing new and highly effective digital services to their clients.


Marketing agencies have challenges preventing them from growing as fast as their clients need them to.

The 2 most common challenges of agencies are:

1. To recruit & maintain the right people

2. To invest in new advertising technology


This is happening because the demand for talent and tech is not linear. Trends, seasonality, and other factors would affect their workload.

Finding a balance is not simple, and that's where we come to play with our unique offer: AdTech As a Service

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We build customized advertising solutions for your clients.

It means that our agency clients get to increase their revenue without increasing their fixed costs; no fixed hires, no long-term technology contracts.

Pay as you go, per campaign.

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Our Clients Say


"We'd like to thank IndieAd for the first-class support in the area of programmatic media buying & advertising. This is a team of smart, committed, and reliable people that constantly provide professional advice and great results for us and our clients."

Tim Ockert - CEO Medienmanufaktur Ockert

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Ready to scale your media business?

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